TOP World’s challenge challenge 2022 in Hirosaki 開催決定!! 未分類 World’s challenge challenge in Hirosaki 2018

World’s challenge challenge 2022 in Hirosaki 開催決定!!


World’s challenge challenge in Hirosaki 2018

Do you have an innovative idea that could help solve a global issues?
If so, you could win the chance to present your idea at an international competition in Canada!

Why join the Challenge?

The World’s Challenge Challenge is an exciting way to engage in discussion and debate about world issues such as climate change and poverty, and to bring your own ideas to the table. Global change starts with one idea, one discussion. Who knows where it may lead?
Enter between Thursday 14 December 2017 and Thursday 25 January 2018.

About the Challenge

In March 2018, Hirosaki University will host a World’s Challenge Challenge. This competition invites teams of three students to come up with a unique solution to a global problem.

Members of the winning team will each get budget support up 100,000 yen to travel to Western University in London, Ontario, Canada to compete in the first ever International World’s Challenge Challenge.

Who can participate

The World’s Challenge Challenge at Hrosaki University is open to teams of three individuals. You must be a current Hirosaki University undergraduate or postgraduate. Teams are encouraged to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds or areas of study. Only teams of three will be accepted, but if your team is fewer than 2 people, please ask us.

The Challenge

Teams need to think of a global issue and/or challenge that the world is facing and present their unique solution to a panel of judges. You are encouraged to refer to the Global Goals page when choosing the global challenge that your team will tackle.


1st Prize: each team member will win a chance to compete in the International World’s Challenge Challenge at Western University. Accommodation and meals will be included. Flights will be supported up to 100,000 yen by Hirosaki University.

How to enter

The deadline of entry is Thursday 25 January.

  1. Download the Registration Form, both of English and Japanese.
  2. Include information about each member of your team and the team’s responses to the following questions:
    1. What global challenge will your team address?
    2. In approximately 300 words, describe the global challenge and explain why your team is interested in it and why it is important to resolve it.
    3. In approximately 400 to 800 words, provide a brief outline of your team’s unique solution to address the chosen global challenge.
  3. Submit the Registration Form, as a pdf, by email to

What happens next?

February Hrosaki University International Office reviews each Registration Form and selects up to five finalists
February Finalists are notified
Feburuary Finalists prepare their 5 – 7 minute team presentation
March Finalists present their global issue and solution before a panel of judges, who will determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed teams*.
June 3 – 8 The winning team participates in the International World’s Challenge Challege at Western University, Canada for a chance to win CAN$30,000 (CAN$10,000 per team member)!

*Each presentation will be judged out of 100 using the World’s Challenge Challenge scoring rubric

Contact person

Jumpei Horii :
Takuro Ota :

Department of International Education & Collaboration – Hirosaki University