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University Library

In total there are three libraries. The main library is on the Bunkyo-cho campus. Two branch libraries are on the Medical School campus. These libraries contain about 900,000 volumes, about 20,000 types of magazines and audio-visual periodicals like CDs.
You can access freely to the open-access room, the reference room and the reading room in the main library. However, you need a library card to borrow books. Please register at the main counter for a library card.
The Book Corner for International Students is in the open- access room on the second floor.
Hours (The main library)

Monday-Friday(During semesters):9:00-22:00
Saturday, Sunday(During semesters):10:00-17:00
Monday-Friday(During vacation):9:00-17:00
Saturday, Sunday(During vacation):closed
Closed: Saturdays and Sundays during holidays, national holidays, New Year holidays (27th December-4th January)
Make inquires and applications at:
Main counter (ext. 3162)

To borrow or to return books and magazines
To apply for a library card
To find out how to use the library
To reserve a seminar room
Reference counter (etx 3163)
To make photocopies
To use library indexes
To borrow or copy books from other libraries
Information retrieval
To research into a specific matter
To use a language study room

If you want more information about how to use the library, please read the booklet "Information for Using the Library"
University Library
Two branch libraries are on the Medical School campus

Center for Computers and Communications

The Center for Computer and Communications is located behind the Faculty of Science and Technology. This four storied building is equipped with about 300 personal computers and a variety of software providing students access to the Internet and allowing superior information processing capability. In order to use the facility you need to get permission through your academic adviser. Put down your name at the reception desk every time you visit the center.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-20:45

For more details, please ask one of the staff in the center.
Center for Computers and Communications

University Hall

The aims of the University Hall are to promote closer relationships among the students and the staff, and to improve their welfare. The hall can be used for student’s extracurricular activities.
On the first floor students will find a cafeteria and a bookstore run by the University Co-op and a privately-run barbershop. On the second and third floor there are a lounge, a lobby, a coffee shop, a music room and a recreation room and assembly rooms for extracurricular activities.
Students have free access to all these facilities during business hours with an exception of the assembly rooms for which you need to get permission to use from the extracurricular staff in the university hall.

Health Administraion Center (Phone 39-3128)

In order to lead a productive and happy campus life, you need to stay healthy, both physically, and mentally. At the Health Administraion Center, a physician counselor and nurses are stationed to provide various health consultation and counseling services. Do not hesitate to make use of these services.

Regular Medical Examination

Early in every academic year, all students are expected to undergo a medical examination: A chest X-ray, urine analysis, blood pressure measurement, physical measurement, etc. The specific dates of the medical examination will be posted. (Non-regular students can also undergo medical examination.)
When you need a medical certificate to apply for a scholarship, a job, and the like, the Health Administraion Center will issue it for the items covered in the medical examination. Because the issuing of the certificate takes some days, you are advised to apply for it well in advance.
You can get a medical certificate from hospitals, but it will cost a great deal, so it is advisable for you not to miss our regular medical examination.

First Aid

When you need any first aid treatment for headaches, fevers, stomachaches, injuries or the like, come to the center. If you are seriously ill or injured, you will be given appropriate advice, and recommendations as to where to go for treatment.

Health Consultation

Do not hesitate to consult the Health Administration Center about your physical and mental health. Your problems will be treated as confidential. You can see the doctor and nurses any time during office hours. If you want to see the counselor, make an appointment.

Office Hours

Monday-Friday (except national holidays)
8:30 – 17:00