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How to Get Campus Information

All the campus information is posted on bulletin boards in front of the Support Office. Otherwise it is delivered to the mailbox for overseas students at your faculty. In Hirosaki university it is each student’s responsibility to check the bulletin boards and his/her mailbox. Please be sure to check them at least once a day.

Academic Adviser

Each overseas student is assigned an academic adviser to help and guide him/her in study and research, in future academic plans, and in other matters including personal problems.
In making an application for tuition exemption or a scholarship, the student is usually required to ask his/her academic adviser to write a letter of recommendation. Please contact your academic adviser for any matter which concerns you.

Office Hours

In addition to giving you administrative and academic guidance, all teaching staff are available to provide support you may need in your life here. When you are far away from family and familiar surroundings even small problems can pose big obstacles. The best way to tackle them is by talking them over with staff who are aware of cross-cultural differences and can give you sound advice. Please use these opportunities without hesitation.


Overseas students may be assigned a tutor to help
him /her get used to campus life quickly and improve academic work. The tutor will provide assistance on an individual basis in such areas as Japanese language, class work and daily life.
The tutor will submit a monthly report to the Support Office. You will be asked to sign after verifying the content of your tutor’s report.

Student Status Period of Tutoring
Undergraduates 2 years (1st-year and 2nd-year)
Graduate students Research students 1 year (1st-year)

Dishonesty / Cheating

Students are suspended from school and all credits made void during a semester should cheating be found in any examinations (finals, mid-terms, or quizes).