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Activity out of qualification

You are coming to Japan in order to study and do research, and have received the resident status as a foreign student. Accordingly, you cannot in principle accept employment while you stay in Japan.
If you wish to engage in non-educational activities, you must obtain permission from the Immigration Bureau. To engage in non-educational activities without this permission is illegal and you may be penalized.
Once the permission for activities other than those designated under your resident status has been granted, you may legally do a part-time job for not more than 28 hours a week or for not more than 14 hours a week for non-matriculated students such as research students.
However, any part-time job which runs counter to accepted standards of public morality will not be permitted.

Please show the Permission to the Support Office.

The Student Affairs Office will introduce part-time jobs to those students who have received this permission. When you want to receive this service, come to the Student Affairs Office with your residence card.

Necessary Documents

Application Form for Special Permission to Engage in Out-of-Status Activities
Alien Registration Card