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An apartment with a kitchen, bath and toilet costs around 20,000-35,000 yen per month.Furniture and furnishings are not included, so you must purchase them yourself. (Recently, the number of furnished apartments is increasing little by little.) When renting an apartment, it is customary to pay monthly rent, key money, security deposit, and other lump-sum payments.
The amount of the lump sum is roughly equivalent to three months' rent.

Subsidies for international student private guarantee consignment fees

*Students enrolled before April 2019 cannot apply for this system.

Usually, when you sign a contract for an apartment, you need a guarantor to prevent the risk that the renter will not be able to collect the rent from the international student.

Privately-financed international students who use a private guarantor instead of a joint guarantor when signing an apartment contract can receive a partial subsidy for the commission fee.

If you would like to receive assistance, please click hereAdmission InformationAfter carefully reading theApplication formto the support office.


Apartment Q&A

XNUMX.How much does it cost to move into an apartment? (See also XNUMX)

When you sign a contract for an apartment, you will be required to pay the costs of (XNUMX) to (XNUMX).Some apartments and their brokers may only cost a fraction of this.Please see XNUMX in conjunction with this.

(XNUMX) Security deposit (key money)

When renting an apartment in Hirosaki, you need to pay a security deposit (usually about one month's rent, monthly rent is about XNUMX to XNUMX yen).You may also be asked for a key money from time to time.When you move out of the apartment, the security deposit will be used for necessary repairs and other expenses, and if the amount is less than the security deposit you paid, the difference will be refunded.On the other hand, the key money will not be returned.

(XNUMX) Real estate brokerage commission

If you use a general real estate agent, you will have to pay a brokerage fee equivalent to one month's rent to the real estate agent.

(XNUMX) Fire insurance

Fire insurance is required to prevent risks such as when the apartment is on fire.

(XNUMX) Rent for the first month

The rent for an apartment is usually paid in advance.For example, the rent for October will be paid by September XNUMXth.Also, if the contract is from the XNUMXst day onwards, the rent will be calculated on a per diem basis and the rent until the end of the month will be paid first.

XNUMX.Other than money, what else do you need to start living after signing an apartment contract?

(XNUMX) Guarantor

When signing a contract for an apartment, a guarantor is required to prevent the risk that the renter will not be able to collect the rent from the international student.

(XNUMX) Furniture, etc. necessary for daily life

Many apartments in Hirosaki are unfurnished.You have to buy things you need yourself, such as refrigerators, desks, and TVs.Some apartments have furniture, but they are few.

XNUMX.How do I find an apartment?

There are a number of apartment brokers in Hirosaki City.At the center, if there is hope, we will introduce such a company.

XNUMX.What is the contract procedure?

i) Go to co-ops and real estate agents with your tutor, look at apartment listings, and then go to look at properties.
ii) Once you have decided which apartment you would like to move into, fill out the application form and have it screened.
iii) After passing the screening, we will make a contract.At this time, you will need your guarantor's stamp, insurance card, and student ID card.
iv) Pay the necessary rent, security deposit, etc. and receive the key. (In the case of a co-op, if you can get permission from the owner of the apartment, you can receive the apartment key before iii). )
v) Make arrangements for water, electricity, gas, etc.
vi) By the end of the month, bring necessary documents such as alien registration card to complete the contract.

XNUMX.What kind of help can the International Affairs Office provide?

The International Relations Office introduces brokers to international students and provides consultations for apartment contracts.

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