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Student ID Card

Student ID Card is a useful to use at various facilities in Hirosaki, at no charge.

Hirosaki City’s Public Relations Paper “Koho Hirosaki”

This is a bimonthly paper delivered to you on the 1st and 15th of each month through your neighborhood association. It has such information as city projects and events.
If your neighborhood association does not distribute the paper, you can always obtain a copy on the table located in the hallway outside the Support Office.

Change of Address

If you move, you must report your new address to the following:

National Health Insurance and Pension Section

Take your National Health Insurance Card to the above section of the Hirosaki City Office.

Residents’ Section at Hirosaki City Office

Take your alien registration card to the above section. After the change of address is registered, get a certificate of your alien registration with the new address. The certificate can be obtained at the same section for a fee of 200 yen. Submit the certificate to the Support Office on campus.

Post Office

Fill out the change of address form at the post office or mail the change of address card to the post office.

Support Office and the office of your faculty


Take your bankbook and seal.


Cancel your contract with your electricity, gas and water company and apply for a new contract for your new address.


Bicycles run on the left side in Japan. Please turn on the light of your bicycle when it becomes dark.
If you come to the university on your bicycle, you need to register it at the university hall. Please park your bicycle in the specified area and do not ride it on campus.

Driving a Car

In Japan, it is customary to buy two types of automobile insurance: compulsory and optional. These compensate for any economic/physical damage from traffic accidents. Besides compensation payments, a qualified representative will negotiate with the other party for you at no extra cost.

Compulsory Insurance

The law specifies that this insurance must be carried by anyone who owns and/or drives an automobile or motorcycle. The insurance contract should cover the whole period that your warrant of fitness is valid.

Optional Insurance

This insurance is helpful because it provides compensation which is not covered by the minimum compulsory Insurance.

When You Travel in Japan or Temporarily Leave Japan

Please advise the Support Office in advance when you wish to leave Hirosaki for more than five days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
If you wish to leave Japan temporarily, you must report your plan to the office of your faculty and Support Office.
During the vacation, if you stay in Hirosaki, be sure to check the bulletin board regularly and your mail box for information such as scholarship application.

Telephone/Cellular Phone

Make out your mobile phone contract in your own name. Prepaid phone cards are convenient for short-term students who are only here for 6 months to a year. Please inform the Support Office if you have a new or changed telephone number.


When you want to make an international telephone call on a public telephone, use a green, a grey or an orange- colored telephone which has the international telephone designation.
Green and gray-colored telephones can take both phone cards and one hundred-yen coins: orange-colored telephones can take only IC cards. Public telephones from which international telephone calls can be made are in the following places:
In front of the main campus gate
NTT Hirosaki branch office
JR Hirosaki Station
City Hirosaki Hotel (2F front plaza)
Hotel New Castle (1F lobby plaza)

Cellular Phone

You will be asked to choose a mode of payment from two alternatives when you sign a contract: Automatic payment system through your bank or payment in person at a bank, post office or convenience store.
We recommend that you choose the latter as the automatic payment system might pose a problem for the payment of your final bill. In this system, monthly charges are withdrawn from your account the following month, which means that you need to keep your account open after you leave Hirosaki.