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We have 2 semesters.
First Term: 1st week of April to the beginning of August
Second Term: 1st week of October to the middle of February


In Hirosaki, some events are annually held by the University, Hirosaki City hall, and some resident groups.

Event: Orientation for New Exchange Students

Organizer : Hirosaki University
Date: April and October
Remarks: Please check here in detail.

Event: Neputa Festival

Organizer: Hirosaki University
Date: August
Remarks: Neputa is the Hirosaki city’s most famous traditional summer festival. You can not only watch it but also participate in it.

Event: “Bon-Odori”, Summer Festival

Organizer: Kikyono town
Date: August
Remarks: You can enjoy dancing in a circle with community people. The dance is easy. Let’s come and dance together.

Event: Jamboree of International Students in Aomori

Organizer: ASOSA / AIEA
Date: August
Remarks: Two days trip with the international students in Aomori Prefecture
(ASOSA: The Association of Supporting Organization for Students from Abroad in Aomori)
(AIEA: Aomori International Exchange Association)

Event: Making Rice Cake Party

Organizer: Kikyono town
Date: December
Remarks: You can enjoy making and eating rice cake with community people.

Event: Farewell Party for International Students

Organizer: Hirosaki University
Date: February
Remarks: It is a party for celebrating international students’ graduation.

We have many other events in Hirosaki.
Information for the events will be posted on the bulletin board of the Support Office. Please check it.