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Department of International Education & Collaboration (D-IEC)

Department of International Education & Collaboration (D-IEC)


●Deputy Director

Head of International Education Division
Associate Professor
Akira Kashima

My name is Kashima. I came to be a faculty member of the Center on September 2003, the year that the center was established. I worked as a staff of an organization that deals with International education and had a life with many international students at the dormitory. Through the experiences there, I came to have a desire of teaching Japanese. I taught Japanese and studied as a graduate student in oversea countries for 15 years and came back to Japan on the year of 2000. Since then, I have taught Japanese at universities in Japan. I am interested in traveling. I always thing of where to go next. I always wish to talk such topics as Japanese pedagogy, International understanding education, life of international students. You are always welcomed to have a talk together.

●Head of International Collaboration Division

Associate Professor
Hannah Sawada

My name is Hannah Sawada. I teach courses which explore literature as a means of gaining a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and society and oversee internships designed to assist students in making subsequent career choices. I place high priority on creating as many opportunities as possible for international students and Japanese students to share learning opportunities.

●Associate Professor

Nobuko Oyama

I’m Nobuko OYAMA. I’ve been teaching Japanese here for over 20 years. I came here in 1990, and after that I’ve been teach Japanese to International students and how to teach Japanese to Japanese students who are interested in teaching Japanese. When I was a student, I majored Linguistics and Teaching Japanese as a foreign language. If you have any questions about learning Japanese, please don’t hesitate to visit my office. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

●Associate Professor, PhD (University of Tsukuba, 2000)

Junichiro Suwa

specializes in musical anthropology and has been conducting field researches about Melanesian pop music, Siberian overtone singing, Romanian dance music performed by Roma, and Japanese folk songs and dances. His involvement with local communities in Papua New Guinea and Japan has also contributed to theoretical discussions in Small Island Cultural Research Initiative. Aside from administrative work at this Department, he teaches social research method and cultural anthropology in the faculty and graduate courses as well as Japanese culture in English in general education courses.

●Assistant Professor


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