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Studying abroad at Hirosaki University

Short-Term program(Exchange Program)

Short-Term program(Exchange Program)

Thank you for your interest in our short-term Japanese Language and Culture program. Hirosaki City is situated in the north of Honshu, in what is sometimes called the ‘heartland’ of Japan. While having every modern convenience, the city maintains an aura of tradition due in part because it was built around an ancient castle surrounded by cherry blossom trees, and also because it has numerous historic sites to visit. The city is compact, enabling International students to easily find their way around and the closely-knit community surrounding the campus offers students many first-hand opportunities to practice the Japanese language they study, and taste everyday life in Japan.


We have two semesters, and students can start their studies at the beginning of either. Students can choose to study for either one semester or two.
Spring Term: 1st week of April to the beginning of August (application deadline November 15)
Fall Term: 1st week of October to the middle of February (application deadline April 30)


Students admitted to our Short-Term Program principally enroll in Japanese language classes and of electives taught in English (Please see the course catalogues below). Students are given a placement test on arrival and are placed in Japanese classes at their level. They choose electives either from the limited range of courses taught in English each term, covering various aspects of Japanese culture, or, if their level of Japanese is high enough, they are welcome to choose from a wide range of classes in the regular curriculum for Japanese students with permission of the course supervisor. International students are required to enroll in seven courses per semester to fulfill visa requirements.

2017 Spring Semester Course Catalogue.pdf
2017 Fall Semester Course Catalogue.pdf

If you would like to participate in JASSO scholarship program, you need to choose either of the two courses below. (It is only for the exchange students from our partner universities.)

1. Japanese Studies Course
This course is designed for international students who wish to study Japanese language and culture for either one semester or two but have not yet reached the advanced level of Japanese language proficiency required to understand mainstream lectures which are taught entirely in Japanese.

Japanese Studies Course.pdf

2. Specialized Studies Course
This course is designed for international students who wish to enroll in regular courses offered by the faculties and General Education Program of Hirosaki University. They must have advanced levels of Japanese language proficiency in order to attend lectures taught entirely in Japanese and may also choose to complete internship or undertake other career-oriented projects in tandem with local communities. This course can be enrolled in for up to two semesters.

Specialized Studies Course.pdf


If you are a student from our partner university, your tuition fee will be waived.


If you are a student from our partner university, you may have a priority to stay at our International House.

Please note that if we receive too many applications, some of the students might be advised to plan on renting an apartment (average rents range around 20,000~35,000 yen per month). The Support Office helps students find apartments and complete renting procedures.


To apply, make certain that the following documents reach us by the deadline for the term you wish to enroll in. Documents should be in either Japanese or English. If not, a translation in either Japanese or English should be attached. Fill in all documents completely. Incomplete documents cannot be processed.

◎ Students presently enrolled in our partner university  should submit the following documents through the Exchange Coordinator of their home university:

1      Check list

2     Application for Short-Term Student Exchange Program.

2-2 Confirmation

3     A study plan of approximately 1200 words, outlining what you want to accomplish while you are enrolled in the Short-Term program, and what electives you wish to take.

4     Certificate of enrollment issued by your home university.

5     Your most recent academic transcripts, issued by your home university.

6     Recommendation for enrollment in the Short-Term Student exchange Program.

7     Certificate of Health

8     Self Declaration

9     Four facial photos (3 x 4cms / 1.2 x 1.5 inches).

10   A copy of the front page of your passport (when available).

11    Application for certificate of eligibility.

12   Pledge

All forms must be filled in completely. Incomplete documents cannot be processed.

On receiving your application, we will process your documents. After your eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive a letter of acceptance and a document issued by the Japanese Immigration, called a ‘Certificate of Eligibility (COE)’, which you will need to apply for your visa. Please feel free to contact our Support Office with any further questions you may have. We wish you all the best in your plans to study in Japan, and look forward to welcoming you to our campus.


Direct all mail to:
Please write “Application for Short-Term Program” on an envelope in red ink.
Support Office
Hirosaki University
1 Bunkyo-cho,
Aomori-ken 036-8560
Japan Fax:+81-172-39-3133